Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you, bravo!

When our cable was cut off 8 days ago, I had a panic attack. With hot shows like Project Runway & Housewives of Atlanta just starting new seasons, I was already having withdrawals an hour into the cancellation. Even within seconds after I noticed the cable guy removing the ladder from my neighbor's backyard, I was on the phone making arrangements so that my tv watching would NOT be interrupted. Visions and scents of a time when we were without cable for a year and a half, returned. Sure, there were some rabbit ears in the living room. You gotta do what you gotta do. The loss of cable is by choice, by the way, but still... very traumatic.

The next day I found, that I can actually watch my shows online. Thanks to,, and the like. You can pretty much catch anything you've missed online. Cbs, less on the soap operas, more on the big bang theory, em effers! I do have Cbs, but tBBt has changed their time to 9:30. I'm usually knocked the eff out by that time.

Life without cable has been quite lovely. My smooth internet connection has shone a brilliant light upon a very dark spot. I've been able to enjoy many forgotten things whilst keeping up with my stories. Bravo, why aren't there any videos of Jeff Lewis? We need full episodes here, people! I don't want to see photos. I want to hear and watch this dude.

Next, I'm looking up the Kardashians and iCarly.