Saturday, August 8, 2009

America's Next Top Chef

I had a top-chef moment on Thursday. Lately, my pantry has been in desperate need of restocking and my refrigerator emits lonely cricket sounds when opened. Come mealtime, my selection is very limited. Not wanting to eat a warm bowl of malt-o-meal on a very hot summer day, I was desperately in search of an alternative. I remembered the mushrooms that I just picked up because they were on sale and I cooked them with a little butter. I had some chicken adobo sauce (sans any chicken) in the fridge and added it to the mix. Yes, I'm ghetto like that and save the chicken adobo sauce to eat with rice the next day. It reminds me of the chicken adobo dinner we had the night before. It also reminds me that we are pretty broke and that I have to resort to such desperate measures. Anywho, I cooked up a pot of white rice and voila! instant gourmet. It was delish and I shared it my 3-year-old who hates mushrooms. I tried to sneak a small piece within her rice but she immediately spotted it and it was ejected with the quickness. She is my daughter and has yet to find out that she actually loves mushrooms. I didn't find out myself until 5 years ago when Uncle David taught me how to cook them.

I realize that to a spectator, my little concoction might not seem so top-chefy. I suppose the more top-chef thing to do would be to serve the mushroom creation on a beautifully plated serving of malt-o-meal. But that would just be narsty.